From Solo to Symphony

From Solo to Symphony – Leadership and Innovation (12 November 2010)

When we began the journey of the Executive Challenge Academy, we envisaged the final session as a fitting finale to a journey of learning, exploration and personal growth followed by a “where to from here?”

As we’ve undertaken this journey it has become evident that what we have achieved collectively and individually is so much more that the sum of those parts.

Our final session will showcase how much more.

We now view this session not as the finale but as the springboard; a beginning rather than an ending.

What we’ve achieved in these few short months has been to explore new dimensions of learning, develop leadership practice for the 21st Century, and practice new ways of working together across sectors, boundaries, Departments, viewpoints and personalities.
These new ways of working harness all of our collective skills and abilities, develop our insights and revitalise our approach to leadership in ways that will benefit our communities, our workplaces and the services we deliver. They energise rather than drain us.

In the words of one participant what we’ve done is gone “From Solo to Symphony”
So, on behalf of all of the participants in the 2010 Executive Challenge Academy learning journey, we invite you to join us to celebrate our revitalised capacity to deliver lasting innovation and change, and to share in our excitement as we move “From Solo to Symphony”.