Change Leadership

Archersfield partners with leaders so that organisations can align with their intentions and aspirations. Since 2006 our consultancy services have enabled organisational, team and individual leader transformations. We are trusted partners in individual and organisational transformational change across multiple sectors.

Our reputation is built upon a proven record of success with multiple organisations in:

  • Planning with Boards and teams
  • Systems Thinking workshops
  • Executive and team coaching
  • Strategy development and planning
  • Bespoke organisational leadership and management development programs.



    Leadership and Management Development

    Jan Archer is the Founder and Principal of Executive Challenge Academy. We deliver Executive-level, Emerging Leader and Master Class programs which bring inspiring local and global thought leaders through a faculty of subject experts to present new and different ways of working.

    More than an education, our courses are designed to spark interest, encourage critical thinking, raise powerful questions and build long-lasting, respectful and creative organisations and cross-sector relationships.

    Strategy and Program Design and Delivery

    We design and deliver organisation and cross-sector programs to support organisational vision and purpose.

    We customise our courses to address particular needs and strategies in a timely and relevant way. 

    We work closely with tertiary institutions locally and internationally to accredit these programs. Our program design and delivery work benefits frontline and community leaders, future leaders, as well as regional leaders.

    Executive Coaching

    We deliver executive coaching aimed at supporting the development of the best possible public leaders for Queensland.

    Executive coaching is a self -paced collaborative process focusing individual attention on each leader’s goals to deliver outcomes to real challenges and opportunities in real-time contexts.

    Learn more about Creating High Performing Teams

    Archersfield’s team building, strategic planning and professional coaching have assisted our network of organisations to become more efficient, effective, and focused on delivering great services for our clients and communities.

    The Executive Challenge Academy (ECA) is achieving the challenging mission of growing and developing wise, visionary, creative and engaged leadership. The Leadership Company (TLC) is pleased to support this innovative initiative to connect and grow a global community of leaders that embraces diverse organisations across the corporate, non-government and public sectors.

    The ECA has transformed my organisation from a busy, hard working group of people diligently in the hamster wheel of activity and task to an organisation that is more thoughtful and deliberate about our leadership, and what it will take to achieve successes and social change. I cannot recommend this work highly enough.

    It was such a privilege to be part of the Emerging Leaders Program – initially as a participant, and then continuing as a group Mentor. The program exposes you to world-class leaders as they present on topics relevant to us all, regardless of what role you play or what organisation/sector you come from. The program itself is structured in such a way that you develop meaningful and reciprocal relationships with others that will assist you in both your personal development and within your professional career.

    The Emerging Leaders program is an invitation to become uncomfortable, to embrace ambiguity, and to confront complexity. Through exposure to a range of theories and disciplines, participants find opportunity for deep reflection from which they emerge as personally grounded, professionally networked, servant leaders, capable of holding a space for people to grow and for change to occur.

    Being part of the Executive Challenge Academy Emerging Leaders program as a participant and as a mentor for the past two years has been an invaluable opportunity for me in terms of individual growth and for my organisation in terms of my leadership capability. I feel part of a leadership community – a community that is connected and where valuable lifelong relationships have been formed. For me the program is a safe environment for learning and I particularly benefited from taking the time out for self and group reflection.

    ECA programs bring diverse people together to learn from the best and to develop communities of practice that deliver real outcomes, all based on strong theory.