Leaders Through Crisis (Tuesday 10th May 2011)

The Learning Journey for 2011 is going to Grantham, Murphy’s Creek and Toowoomba and includes a panel session with Major General Mick Slater. This has been made possible with huge support from the Queensland Police Service. Also as part of the Learning Journey Leaders from ECA 2010 will co-host groups for the day.

As you can appreciate there are a few logistics that you need to know. Firstly, please dress comfortably and be ready for what will be an amazing day. The day will commence at 7.45am at Roma Street QPS Headquarters. The context for the day will be set by Assistant Commissioner Brett Pointing and the process requires us to travel together in groups. There are four buses and two co-hosts per bus. Our journey will include Grantham, Murphy’s Creek and Toowoomba. We are working with people and respecting these communities so will be observing protocols. As mentioned earlier our journeys include group process so it is important that we are able to immerse ourselves in the entire process. We will be at the Christie Corporate centre at 3pm for a meeting with the panel. Following the panel there will be drinks and nibbles till 6.30pm. A Learning Journey Guide, Reflection material and a detailed Itinerary will be available on May 10th.

THE man in charge of rebuilding Queensland has a list of more than 200 cities, towns and suburbs that need help to get back on their feet.

The head of Queensland’s reconstruction authority, Major General Mick Slater, on Monday detailed the enormity of the task left by devastating floods and Cyclone Yasi. Major General Slater said the authority had almost completed a strategic plan to guide the recovery, and it was crafted in consultation with local authorities and community stakeholder groups, such as the mining, agriculture and tourism sectors. “We’ve taken all that into account in producing the overarching plan,” he said.

“If we’re going to be successful, we’ve got to treat each town, each community differently because they all have different needs.”

Learning Journey Guide
Learning Journey Reflection Sheet